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In addition to building our own ventures, DVx partners with a select group of founders to bring their idea to life. Join our co-build program for a chance to become DVx's next venture.

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What do you get out
of the program?
The DVx co-build program provides an unrivaled opportunity to work directly with the DVx team to launch a company. As part of the program, you'll be surrounded by world-class company builders and scalers that have buit some of today's biggest brands. You'll get unique access to time and resources that are often scarce within accelerators or other venture funds, and select companies will receive an initial cash investment with the same terms as our own DVx-generated companies.

What are we looking for?

Track record of going 0-1 and overcoming obstacles
An entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership qualities
Deep industry expertise through experience
A commitment to team culture and the ability to inspire

How to apply

To be considered for the program please share a brief introduction of yourself, your idea, and any supporting material to


Will I be part of a cohort?
How much funding do you offer?
Can I use DVx platform resources?